This Miracle

Do I breathe

if thou givest me

no breath?

Do I see

if thy light be

only darkness?

And is it not

a gift of thy grace

to change my mind?

It is this miracle,

I now request;

that I may

with thee agree,

that what I have done,

what I have loved,

will become in me,

the thing I do despise

as thou despisest;

for it was once

the thing I wanted,

but now I see,

it is the thing

that hurts me

and keeps me

far from thee.

This miracle,

of holy fire,

I beg of thee,

to let me see,

and let its hottest flame,

now burn in me.

1 comment: said...

wow, mark. this poem needs to be read slowly and thoughtfully -- but it certainly spoke volumes to me. thanks -- for making me think a little deeper. keep writing and sharing with us.