Black and White


I am blessed and cursed

I am black and white

I am a mixture

of light and darkness

of strength and weakness

I am to be admired and pitied

to be pushed and pulled

remembered and forgotten.


please forgive my wrong

and let my right

be the light

that shines tomorrow.

To Get Back

I’ve been here before.

And I’ll be here again.

It’s not my first mistake.

I hear the sound.

I see the signs.

I know what it will take

to get back.


There’s a good-sized hole

in my heart today

and from it I will bleed

at least a pint of goodness

before I face my need

to get back.

The Garden Waits

the sun is soon to rise

the garden waits

the grass sighs

every thirsty leaf calls

every root cries

but no rain falls

is this the day the garden dies?

This Miracle

Do I breathe

if thou givest me

no breath?

Do I see

if thy light be

only darkness?

And is it not

a gift of thy grace

to change my mind?

It is this miracle,

I now request;

that I may

with thee agree,

that what I have done,

what I have loved,

will become in me,

the thing I do despise

as thou despisest;

for it was once

the thing I wanted,

but now I see,

it is the thing

that hurts me

and keeps me

far from thee.

This miracle,

of holy fire,

I beg of thee,

to let me see,

and let its hottest flame,

now burn in me.