The Lamb

the nations gather

as one beast

with one purpose

to overcome the Lamb

why this anger?

why this devilish plan?

is it fear turned to hatred?

or hatred turned to fear?

born in the darkest hour

it is void of hope

void of love

there is no quietness

except the quietness of death

and the silence of horror

when evening comes

the Lamb is led to the slaughter

and though an end comes quickly

in the night a beginning is born

and all judgment is complete

and with a second breath

he has overcome death

anger is conquered by love

and suddenly there is peace

soon there is laughter from his throne

and children gather at his feet

every sin is cancelled

every heart is stilled

every knee is bowed

every morning now is here

he is worthy

he is the Lamb

1 comment:

Darlene Klassen said...

Thank you Mark. ...soon there is laughter from his throne ... I love that.