Alone But Not Alone

the warrior rode alone that night

his only companion

the horse beneath him

no one knew

the plan in his heart

the task entrusted to him

except he who had planted it firmly

deep within him

now it was his duty

his battle and his alone

his chance to define himself

"in the morning

I will meet the enemy

and I will be ready

to slay the beast

or to be slain"

this was his song that night

as he rode out into the darkness

he could see his breath

by the soft light of the moon

he could feel his heart

pounding in his heavy chest

and he could sense the spirit

falling gently upon him

the spirit of truth

the spirit of courage

he was alone

but not alone

1 comment:

Strangely Yours said...

Beautifully written. Simple yet it still has that aura of something deep. You by any chance play World of Warcraft kind Sir ?