I am the church

I am a big building, a stable institution

I am a program for kids, and a committee for adults

I am a well-oiled machine, a theatre for the one-man show

I am a place to be, and to be seen, on Sunday mornings


I am the Church

I am the Body of Christ, the Family of God

I am a People Gathered, a Believing Community

I am a Refuge for the weak, a Shelter from the storm

I am the Salt of the earth, and the Light of the world.


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C.H. said...

Well contrasted. :-)

Mark, I was led to your blog by Doug H., a friend of yours from Canada. I worked with him informally in Czech Republic for several years and trust anyone that he says I should trust. :-) I'm currently teaching in Japan, and plan to come to India in early October. As expected I've been grateful for and enlightened by your literary snapshots of India, and have enjoyed your poetry for its own sake. :-) I wanted to introduce myself before I begin bombarding you with questions about your posts here. :-)
Blessings on you, your family, and ministry.
-Caleb House